As you may have seen by our social media posts in recent weeks, we are thrilled to announce that we are Women in Peterborough Award finalists. Perhaps better than that, we actually have a little more to share with you. We are Women in Peterborough award finalists for 3 different categories.

The three different categories are as follows;

The Volunteer of the Year Award

The finalists chosen are individuals that have made huge efforts to volunteer their time and / or services for one or more charities or not-for profits and have done so with no financial incentive.  While we do not know who nominated us for this award, we have been told it is for our efforts with SportsAid Peterborough and Light Project Peterborough. We are on the committee for both of these organisations and put a lot of time and effort into their success and smooth running. However, being nominated and then shortlisted was a real surprise for us!

Fundraiser of the Year Award

This award is for an individual that has made a huge effort in fundraising for one or more charities and does so with no financial benefits or incentives. Again, we do not know who nominated us for this award. However, we would class ourselves as active fundraisers for Little Miracles charity and Light Project Peterborough. We didn’t choose to fundraise for these charities in hop of an award. Instead we did it because it is something we are passionate about.

Tech Woman of the Year Award

There are three finalists in this award category. The finalists are all women of Peterborough who work in a digital or technology role across any sector or business. It is a real confidence boost to have been recognised in this award category. While we work very hard in our role, we know there are so may other awesome women in technology and digital out there.

So what happens now? We need to wait until 13th March for the Awards Ceremony. We will get to meet the other incredible finalists on the night and see if we are lucky enough to come home with an award. Wish us luck and please keep your fingers crossed for us.