We are very excited to have been asked by Anglia Ruskin University to talk at their REACTOR event about social media. We will discuss finding your brand voice. Also, which social media platforms you should be using to speak to your audience.

The REACTOR Project is designed to attract StartUps and SMEs working on new products or business ideas. People that just need a little bit of help to develop their ideas into business concepts. The event that I have been asked to be a Guest Speaker in Cambridge at is the 2nd in the ‘Grow Your Business’ series. It will be a great event to come along too.

Hazel will be guest speaker in Cambridge at The Hilton in Cambridge city centre. Tickets are still available so book your ticket now if you want to come along, or let a friend know if it may be of interest to them. This is a free event for attendees and refreshments will be provided.

As one of the two guest speakers I will be talking for 45 minutes. This will be followed by a 15 minutes question and answer session. I will be talking about the most popular social media platforms out there. Along with how they work and who uses them. Before talking about the best social media platforms for each business.

I will talk about the importance of a brand voice and the consistency of a brand voice. I will also talk about how to find your brand voice. As well as using it to promote your business.

During the talk I will be helping the room understand the importance of posting on social media regularly. How to post on social media regularly. What posting on social media regularly means. Along with the sorts of things you can share on social media to make regular social media posting easier.

I will also be giving away a secret tool tip to help make your life even easier!

Finally, I will talk about how to promote and encourage engagement on your social media pages. Along with why you want engagement and how you can get more engagement.

Once again, if you would like to see me Guest Speaking in Cambridge then tickets are still available, just book here.