Creative Content Company is thrilled to confirm that we have been approved as preferred suppliers of Peterborough Biscuit. We are their preferred blogging suppliers. Peterborough’s largest business exhibition and an event we have enjoyed attending in its first year, exhibiting at its second and exhibiting at again in February.

If you are exhibiting at this event it is a great idea to shout from the rooftops about it. However, sometimes you can run out of time and before you know it, it’s too late to promote the fact you are attending.

Here at Creative Content Company we are the preferred suppliers for blogging. This means that if you, as an exhibitor, need a blog post to shout about the fact you are attending, we can write this blog post for just £30. That’s because we are the preferred blogging suppliers.

The blog post will be personalised and unique to your business. We will talk about why you are attending the event, where you will be at the event, why people should come to the event come to your stand and what will be happening on your stand.

The great thing about a blog post like this is that you can get people excited for the event and for your stand. This means more people will come to the Peterborough Biscuit and look out for your stand because they have heard about you, what you do and want to meet you. Or see what you have on your stand.

The great thing is that attendees that read your blog post will have already connected with you. They will feel they know you and the ice will be broken for when they come to your business exhibition stand to find out more about you.

You can put this blog on your website, share it as an article on Linkedin and share links to the blog post on social media. You can also send links to existing and potential clients; giving them a chance to come down and see you, find out more about your business and offerings, as well as building that relationship further.

Are you attending the event and need a blog post for Peterborough Biscuit from their preferred blogging suppliers?