Here at Creative Content Company, we have been going since September 2013. This is over 10 years. During this time, we have been lucky enough to win over 14 business awards. However, no matter how many we win, each time we win a new one we get our party dance moves on. Another office dance came into play when we found out that Creative Content Company had won the award of Most Innovative Content Creation Enterprise 2024, for East of England.

What an incredible award to win – and definitely a reason for some dodgy dance moves as we celebrated in the office.

The Most Innovative Content Creation Enterprise 2024 award is part of the SME News Magazines 2024 Business Elite Awards programme. We are very excited to be featured on their website as the winners of the Most Innovative Content Creation Enterprise 2024 award for East of England. The link will be shared across social media as soon as it goes live. Partly to show off (who wouldn’t) but mainly because we still can’t really believe it ourselves.

SME News is a quarterly digital magazine that is created four times a year. It has a national reach of 78,000 professionals, business owners and key decision makers. They have been running the Business Elite Awards for six years now. The ethos behind the awards is to shine a spotlight on the ongoing hard work and success of SMEs and their employees across the nation. They want to celebrate those that have excelled in their field. Business Elite Awards want to recognize and reward those businesses that continue providing the best products and services to their clients. Their award winners are often the backbone of the UK business sector.

Again – you can see why we are so excited to have been recognized as Most Innovative Content Creation Enterprise 2024.

The judging for the Business Elite Awards is completed by the in-house research team at SME News. They asses potential award winners using a unique method. This ensures that judging is impartial, and the size or history of the company does not sway judgement too. Instead, larger firms, start-ups and everyone in-between is evaluated on the same criteria.

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