Somebody recently asked in a forum if she could chat to anyone about blogging, what it is, how long it should be and how often she should write blog posts along with where to share them and how to share them. I answered these questions privately and we set up a date for coffee to brainstorm blog posts and all was good.

Then more people started asking for the same thing and a few people asked if we could run some blogging seminars and blogging workshops so…

I am running some blogging seminars / blogging workshops; requested by popular demand!

In this blogging seminar / blogging workshop we will discuss the following;

·         What is a blog post

·         Where should you host your blog

·         How long your blogs should be

·         Keywords, SEO & Google Love

·         How often you should blog

·         Where to share your blog posts

·         How to share your blog posts


This seminar will end with a group blogging brainstorm where we will share different ideas for blog posts and talk about where you can find blog post title ideas.You will leave this event understanding the importance of blogging and with at least 10 blog post ideas, topics or titles so you can get started.

Booking is essential; please confirm attendance and you will be sent an invoice for payment in advance.Its £10pp at Norman Cross Gallery; includes drinks and biscuits / cakes.

All blogging seminar dates are in November and as follows;

* Thurs 8th 7.30pm-10pm

* Wed 21st 7.30pm-10pm

* Mon 12th 11am-1.30pm

* Wed 21st 11am-1.30pm

* Tues 20th 5pm-7.30pm

* Thurs 29th 5pm-7.30pm

These call all be found by visiting our facebook page by clicking here.

Really hope that if this is of interest then we will have a date and time that suits you. If these dates don’t work for you, or you would prefer a 1-2-1 then please contact me directly and we can arrange something to suit your needs.

Alternatively if you’d rather not blog at all and want someone to do it for you – we would be happy to be your blog writers.