I am always banging on about people buying people and the fact the service I offer is available from anyone, but people choose to use my services because of me. So, when I was filling out a ‘getting to know you’ quiz on Facebook recently I thought it was the perfect thing to share as a blog post so people can get to know a little more about me.

I’d love to hear if there are any nods of agreement or looks of pure horror at my answers?

1. Favourite Smell? Cakes baking in my oven, even though I rarely eat them

2. Last Time You Cried? Watching TV last night, School for Stammerers

3. Favourite pizza? Hawaiian

4. Favourite flower? Daffodils

5. Favourite animal? Elephant or Bintorung (their armpits smell like popcorn!!)

6. Did you go to college? No

7. Untie your shoes when taking them off? No

8. Rollercoaster? Sometimes

9. Favourite ice cream? Raspberry Ripple

10. Shorts or Jeans? Jeans

11. What are you listening to? Spotify

12. Dancing on ice? No

13. Tattoos? Yes

14. Hair colour? Naturally grey! Lol (shhh don’t tell!)

15. Eye Colour? Blue

16. Favourite food to eat? Anything edible (I’m answering this at lunchtime after a salad!)

17. Favourite holiday? UK Beaches

18. Beer or Wine? Wine

19. Night owl or morning? Morning (I’m usually in the office from 6.30am)

20. Favourite day of the week? All the same

21. Do you have a nickname? Nope

22. Favourite season? Summer

23. Favourite place to get away? Hunstanton

24. Missing Someone? Grandad

25. Dream vacation? Iceland

26. Regrets? Yes, many – but they have made me the person I am today.

27. Middle name? Lorraine

28. Go back to secondary school? No thanks!

29. Ocean or lake? Ocean

Having website content on your About Us Page is a great way of telling people who you are as well as what you do; share something that gives them a chance to relate to you and want to engage with you. You’re not going to lose a client over a love of mint choc ice-cream but it could be an excellent relationship builder!