We are still on the lookout for awesome mentors in Peterborough and surrounding areas; originally we needed mentors to attend training and then go to a special needs school for 1hr a week for 6 weeks and then on the 7th week the children went to the mentors place of work and saw what ‘work’ was like from the other side.

This has been tricky for some people that wanted to be mentors because they couldn’t give 1 hour a week for 6 weeks or they didn’t have a place of work that the students could visit on the 7th week, so some interested people in business had to say no.

However we now have an option that could make this work, further to a meeting at Peterborough Prison there are over 100 female residents with additional needs (in the form of vulnerability) and the prison and residents are open to being mentored through this project.

Perhaps the biggest benefit of the mentoring project in Peterborough Prison is that instead of 1hr for 6 weeks and a work place visit; you just need to mentor for 2 half days and these days can fit in with your schedule and times that work for you.

So to clarify;

Mentoring in School

You will be mentoring a group of 8-12 special needs students in a school on a mentoring program that covers what is a job, why it is good to have a job and so on. All 6 sessions will be run for 1hr a week and the 7th week the group will come to your place of work to see what you do; you can then decide if you would like to continue mentoring and working with this group throughout their school year.

Mentoring in Prison

You will be mentoring a group of 4-6 vulnerable females on a slightly different program that covers careers out there and the right career for the things that the person enjoys. This project is run in the prison over 2 half days that suit your schedule and there is no visit to your place of work. Once the 2 half days have been completed you have finished mentoring that group and you can choose to mentor another group if you so choose.

Training for prison will be held before Christmas (but there will be future dates) and the next training for mentoring in schools will be in the New Year.

Would you like to get involved with this fantastic mentoring project aimed at special needs people aged between 16 and 25 years old?