Like many business owners you may have set yourself a goal as the New Year came in and that goal may have been to update your website more, or even to start a blog on your website. Of course when you set yourself a goal like this it may seem easy… but as work picks up, it becomes more of a challenge.

Here at Creative Content Company we set ourselves a back up of blog posts, when things are quiet we will take the time to write a collection of blog posts that are not time sensitive and therefore they can be used at any time. We aim to upload one blog post a day here at Creative Content Company but even we struggled in December – and we do it for a living! When things in your business get busy it is often things like writing blog posts and managing social media platforms that get forgotten about.

Ideally you want to update your website with a brand new blog post at least once a week or twice a week, at the very very least you need to update your website with a new blog post once a month. You may have got off to a strong start as the New Year began but as the weeks have gone on it’s been tougher to find time to write a blog post and that is where a back of blog posts can help – there are two ways of getting a back up of blogs, these are as follows;

You can write blog posts in down times, when work is quiet – exactly like we do. This means when work gets busy you’ll have a handful of pre-written blog posts that are ready to use whenever you need them. If you have a wordpress website they could even be saved in your drafts and you can just press the ‘publish’ button’.

Alternatively you can contact us at any time and purchase a bulk load of blog posts, this will get you a discount for ordering in bulk and then they can be used whenever you want, thus preparing you for busy times within business in the future weeks or months, even years. However, if you suddenly get busy unexpectedly, we can always do a one off blog post for you; this is normally available within 1-2 working days and will make sure that you keep your blogging regular.

However you decide to do it, having a back up of blogs is a highly recommended idea so do try and do it if you can, you’ll be amazed at how much easier life is with a back up of blog posts just wanting to be used.