As we are slowly coming out the other side of lockdown further to coronavirus, many of us are looking at ways that we can help support small businesses. However, at the same time, many of us have less money than we had previously due to being made redundant, furloughed, etc. So – how can you support a small business for free? There are many ways, and we have listed some of these below for you;


When you see their post on social media, give them a little share. It won’t take very long, but it will achieve a lot. The business owner will feel the love. You may also have a friend that sees the post and then chooses to make a purchase from that small business – all because you clicked ‘share’!


Liking a post is a nice thing to, but do you really want to help a small business? Then, instead of liking their post, react to their post. Use any of the wow, love, care of laughing reactions instead. These carry more ‘weight’ when it comes to algorithms. Changing your thumbs up like to a heart love can boost the small businesses’ awareness on that social media platform.


When you see a post by a small business think about which of your friends would like to see that post. It could be a small catering business sharing a cake picture, so tag a friend that loves cake. If it’s fitness classes, tag your fit-focused friends. Don’t just share the posts, but tag someone that will find the content in the post relevant to them. This will help build trust between your friend and the small business you want to support.


As a small business owner, it can often feel like you are talking to a big black hole when you post on social media. Leaving a lovely comment just shows that love. It is a great for you to support a small business for free. The business owner will be grateful that someone commented on their post too. This will once again help their post and business be seen by more people.


If you have gone to their shop, purchased something from them or are using the purchase – share a photo! This really boosts the business owner’s confidence. Say why you have been to visit them, what you love about your purchase or why others should go there. We can assure you that the business owner will be super grateful!

Shout Out

You may have a friend that is asking for a product or service that the small business sells – shout them out! Tell your friend and anyone else reading the post that you know the business that will help them. If the small business has treated you well, give them a shout out. If you have seen they are doing something great in the community or forothers – give them a shout out.

These are just some of the many ways you can support a small business for free. As a small business ourselves, we can assure that all of these things mean so much to us. Please help your small businesses out there by giving them a bit of love – we all need it!