Have you set yourself the goal of boosting your SEO in 2024? If so, this this could be the blog post you need to read. If you want to boost your SEO in 2024 then you need start blogging. Of course, as a blogging company we would say that. However, we have stats to back it up. Below we share just some of the reasons that the stats that you should blog if you want to boost your SEO in 2024.

  • Firstly, research shows that businesses that provide SEO (search engine optimisation) services and maintain a consistent blogging schedule will experience an average of 25% – 30% of pages indexed by search engines. This means that you will have over a quarter of the pages on your website seen by Google. In turn, these pages will be shown to those searching for services likes yours on that search engine.
  • Secondly, blogs have been proven to function as an internal link network. Research shows that posts linking to others on similar topics will actually boost the SEOP ranking of the website and content. This will support your SEO strategy as a whole because you will be distributing the link equity. In turn, you will be boosting the ranking potential for long-tail targeted keywords, as well as the more targeted keywords and phrases.
  • Finally. The average blog post will generate 3-5 new backlinks that are of high-quality. These will all point directly to your website and business. This will give a boost to the overall domain authority of your website. Again, this will help boost your SEO in 2024. The proper optimisation that will follow from this will also lead to searches for certain targeted keywords.

If you need help blogging for your business to boost the SEO of your website in 2024, call our bloggers now. We can be your content ghost writers. We can be quietly working behind the scenes of your business and boosting the SEO ranking of your business. Contact us now to find out more.