Have you ever considered booking a stand at Serpentine Green in Hampton? It could be a great way to promote your business and get your brand out there.

Then you looked at the cost (over £4k) and changed your mind?

We don’t blame you – it is not cheap for a small business. But it can be hugely beneficial for real business sales and business brand awareness. If you do it right.

Last year Creative Content Company won Small Business of the Year Peterborough. This was the overall award from Small Business Awards Peterborough. As well as the trophy, certificate and recognition we received, there was a prize too.

David of Serpentine Green donated 1 years free advertising at Serpentine Green for the winner. A prize which we gladly accepted. But then had to think about what we could do with it, so we came to an arrangement.

If you spend £100 a month with Creative Content Company for 6 months or more, then we will give you one stand at Serpentine Green. This is completely free of charge. All you have to do is have our roller banner on display next to your stand, that’s it!

So what can you buy from Creative Content Company at £100 a month to get your free stand at Serpentine Green?

Weekly blog posts! A blog post a week for a month will come in at over £100 a month. You’ll have loads of great blog posts that will help with your SEO. Plus you can have the stand too.

Social Media Management! We can post on your social media pages every single day of the month for just over £100 a month. Then you’ll qualify for the free stand at Serpentine Green.

We can create a special package of social media, blogging and / or newsletters. This will come in at around the £100 a month mark so you can get your free stand.

If you want to find out more about the stand at Serpentine Green or how we can help you, just ask!