I imagine if I asked you, would you like 5 times more traffic to your website the answer would be yes? Then you may be interested to hear that weekly blogs are proven to attract five times more traffic to your website!

Research was completed by MediaBistro and they found that businesses with weekly blogs added to the website attracted five times more traffic to their website, than businesses with no blogs at all.

Imagine if your conversion rate was 1 in 10 visitors, for example. If you were getting 10 visitors to your website every day, this would be one conversion to a paying customer each day. Now add your weekly blogs. This would be five times more visitors, so 50 visitors to your website each day. Suddenly you now have 5 sales a day through your website.

Sounds good right?

Now, let’s look at how much people spend with you. For easy maths, let us presume each sale from a converted customer on your website is worth £100. At 10 visitors a day and a rate of 1 in ten conversions, that is £100 a day. Now let’s increase that traffic by five times, which increases the conversions by five times. This is now £500 of sales a day.

But how much has that cost you?

Our weekly blog posts are £35 per blog post. This would be between £140 and £175 a month, dependent on how many weeks in the month. If you’re increasing your traffic and conversions by 5 times each day, this means you’re getting £15,000 sales per month, based on a 30-day month. Yet it cost you just £175 a month (based on a 5-week month).

This has made you £14,825 per month in sales, just by having a weekly blog.

So, how much time will it take you? We will probably have an online meeting. That will take about an hour maximum. We will send you some blog post ideas, including in your weekly blog post cost. You’ll need to choose the titles you like. This will take about 15 minutes. We will send you the blog post drafts, and you can read through those. Again, maybe 15 minutes per blog post? If you’re on WordPress we can upload the blogs for you. If not, you’ll just need to forward the blogs to your web designer to upload – minutes maybe?

So, do you want five times more traffic to your website? Call us now to book your weekly blog posts for your business.