If you have a website, how would you feel about getting 33% of all search engine traffic? If you have the number one position on Google, research shows you will get a whopping 3% of all search engine traffic for that chosen keyword or search term. However, getting to the top of search engines isn’t as easy as you might hope.

To get your website to the top of search engines like Google, you need to be involved with the many aspects of SEO that will help you. For the past few years, SEO content has been stealing the limelight. It is classed as ‘king’ in the eyes of Google. SEO content is definitely something you need to consider if you want to gain 33% of the search engine traffic for your chosen keywords.

SEO Copywriting is clever. It combines the skills of writing persuasive and compelling content with SEO. The compelling content has to resonate with your target audience. Meanwhile, the SEO side of the content gives you a competitive element of digital marketing. This is what will help your website achieve the highest ranking position on search engines.

If you are a business that wants to succeed online, you need good quality SEO content throughout your website. You can use SEO copywriters that will make sure your written content matches what your target audience are searching for. By this, we mean your pages and blogs will give the reader useful content that will answer their questions.

However, SEO copywriting is even more than that still. To be SEO friendly content, you must be able to prove that your content is trustworthy. On top of this, it also needs to be authoritative and full of expertise and knowledge.

Search engines are like robots. They get smarter every day. While you may be able to trick a search engine robot one day with keyword stuffing, you’ll get caught the next day. The same goes for hidden words or low-quality content. It won’t last long and you will get penalised.

This is why you should work with a professional SEO copywriter, like the team at Creative Content Company. We can ensure you have authentic, engaging and conversion-focused SEO friendly content for your business. This content will boost traffic to your website and get your business seen online.

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