We are thrilled to announce that last week we won the Volunteer of the Year Business Award. However, we hasten to add this is for our charity work. We are not volunteering to write your blog posts or manage your social media for free!

We were nominated and shortlisted for the Women in Peterborough Awards 2020. We were lucky enough to have been nominated and shortlisted for three different categories. These were Volunteer of the Year, Fundraiser of the Year and Tech Woman of the Year.

While we are pleased to have been finalists in these three categories, it meant a lot to chosen as the winners for Volunteer of the Year Business Award. We were chosen for this award for our volunteering with Light Project Peterborough and the Peterborough Winter Night Shelter.

This is a project Hazel has been involved in for 5 seasons now. She started as a volunteer at the evening shifts and the welcome shift. Then the following year she became Volunteer Shift Leader at the welcome shift. This meant creating a rota for 2 volunteers every single evening throughout the project. This season this has been 23rd November 2019 until 13th April 2020.

Alongside this Hazel has been volunteering at the welcome shift and been Volunteer Shift Leader at 2 church venues as well. This has meant making the beds, serving the dinner and looking after the guests with a team of 5 other volunteers.

Being recognised for the Volunteer of the Year Business Award is a huge deal to Hazel. This is what she has to say about winning the award;

“I am thrilled to have won this award. However, I couldn’t have done it on my own. I have a team of no more than 30 volunteers who have helped me at the welcome shift – and kept me sane during winter coughs and colds! I would also like to make mention to Leah, she was a finalist in this award and sends the emails to all the volunteers. She is also incredible and very worthy of this award.”

So there we have it, our first award of 2020 – the Volunteer of the Year Business Award.