Some of you may remember a previous blog post called St Ives Next Top Model where I spoke about helping Karen Williams of KJHR Consulting and Janet Williams of Reiki Bump2Baby raise money for their chosen charities, as part of their walk along the Great Wall of China.

The fashion show and catwalk modelling experience was one of the scariest things I have ever done, by a million miles… yet, I am doing it again?

In business it is all about putting yourself into new situations and trying new things. Some people say to do one thing every day that scares them. I am nowhere near this, but when presented with an opportunity that gets my heart beating that little faster and makes me tingle with nerves I will often ignore the brain and just say yes.

After the fashion show last time I received lots of emails telling me how brave I was and how good it was to see women of different shapes and sizes on the catwalk. I was definitely one of the largest models at the event, and as much I really did not enjoy the experience, I decided that if I could inspire others to be proud of their bodies and show them off then I was happy to be involved.

There were children of all ages in the audience and some modelling themselves and knowing that I had inspired at least one of them (I had an email from a 15yr old), meant the world to me.

Without getting on my soapbox I would like to note that in the media we see slim women with the ‘perfect figure’ and the ‘right look’ this was a fashion show for people of all sizes, real people!

I very often use Creative Content Company to promote a wide array of different issues I see, such as homelessness, supporting those in prison, mentoring special needs children and such like. I also use my business as a stand to inspire others and this can often mean showing school children women can be bosses, that people that gain low grades at school still can follow their dreams and people without a close family can use this to their benefit.

So why not promote ‘real people’ through my business too?

If you would like to support this amazing Fashion Show and Wellness Event in Huntingdon please do feel free to come along and cheer me on, buy a ticket or donate some money to a great cause; this time it is for Macmillan Cancer.

Contact Janet Williams here or email me on [email protected] and I would be only too happy to connect you.