Here at Creative Content Company people we meet through networking and on our review day often ask us how they can use social media to promote their business, sadly there is no set answer as there are different ways in which you can promote your business using social media. We have listed some examples below of how you can use Facebook to promote your business;

  • You can use Facebook to promote any events you have coming up. This is a great idea if you are a network marketer for FM, Forever Living or similar as you can have events for new products or testing sessions. Remember this needs to be on a Facebook business page though, not your own personal page as Facebook could delete a personal account if they feel it has been set up purely for business.
  • Ask previous and existing clients to leave reviews for you on your Facebook which will build trust for you. You can then copy and paste these testimonials onto your website too, to boost trust and confidence there as well.
  • The great thing about Facebook is the albums; you can upload lots of photos of where you have been, new products and such like. If you sell products then have photos of these new products in an album called Latest Products, then put a link in the description the person can follow to buy it. If you run events put photos of the events there and why not have an album like we do that shows pictures of us in the media such as local newspapers and magazines.
  • Use the ‘Page Info’ section to really promote who you are, what your business is, what you do and when you do it. On this page you can have links back to your website and you can also have a link back to your website from the main page itself through the ‘Call To Action’ button that is just below your cover photo.
  • Talking of cover photos, why not use this space to promote a special offer that’s available for a limited time, or a photo of your office / team if that’s not possible?

There are loads of ways in which you can use social media to promote your business, these are just some examples of how you can use Facebook to promote your business – if you’d like more tips try booking onto our review day, keep following our blogs or sign up to our newsletter.

However if you’re really struggling to promote your business with social media, we can always do it for you?