August is National Wellness Month. Wellness and well-being definitely seem to be common terms used at the moment, in both the business world and in our personal lives too. But how can you use National Wellness Month in your marketing and to promote your online presence?

We have put together some ideas below for you;

1. Create a Blog Post of What It Means To You

Create a blog post talking about what wellness means to you as a business owner. Discuss ways that as a business owner you focus on wellness for yourself, sharing tips with others. Also include some information about wellness for your business and employees. Wellness is important and your potential customers want to know how it is important to you. Don’t forget to share links to this blog post throughout your social media.  Share snippets of the blog post and links back. You may also want to include the hashtag #NationalWellnessMonth so others can connect and engage with you.

2. Write a Blog Post of How Your Business Supports It

Write a blog post about how your business helps your customers and clients with wellness. This could be done in numerous ways. For example we help our clients with their wellness by taking away some of their workload for them, if they choose to outsource blogs or social media to us. Again, share links to this blog post on social media. Making sure you include the hashtag for National Wellness Month; #NationalWellnessMonth

3.  Share Tips on Social Media

To mark National Wellness Months share wellness tips on your social media. You could share one a week on #TopTipTuesday or you could share one a day if you have enough and you are posting enough. For example, if you only post on social media once a week, you don’t want to share a wellness tip every day. As a rule – share less tips for wellness than your own business posts.

If you need help with blog post writing for your business, or social media posting for your business social media pages, give us a call. We will be happy to help you boost your online presence, while helping your wellness too! 

Happy National Wellness Month Everyone.