Let’s be honest, we’re not sending out email newsletter on a regular basis for the fun of it, are we? Nope, we want to make sales, stay in business by getting more sales and increase our brand awareness to make even more sales. In this blog post we have put together some top tips for converting readers of your newsletter into buyers of your products or services.

The first thing you need to remember is that you should not sell before the prospect is ready to be sold to. You need to become a trusted friend and a trusted source of useful tips, pointers and information first. You will then find that readers are happier to buy a service or product from you.

Try not to sell the product or service, instead sell the benefits of the product or service to your reader – this will then be an easier sell and won’t feel too pushy for the reader of the email newsletter.

Most people hate inconveniences, glitches and complications and are known as risk averse. By rephrasing the benefits of the product or service you offer as a problem your reader will avoid further to your product or service you’ll soon have the reader’s interest.

It’s a good idea to mix up your newsletter a bit, change the style slightly, put content in different places and keep your photos fresh and updated to make the email newsletter look glossy and new every time they receive it.

Have a clear deadline for a special offer, this helps to stop the reader procrastinating and it may get your sale in sooner!

Multiple links in an email newsletter are a great idea because they increase the chance of the reader clicking through to your website, which is the idea of your email newsletter.  Try and word the link in different ways so the reader doesn’t feel it looks to spammy, however remember not to put to many click through links on the email newsletter or it can look messy.

Use a P.S. to remind people of the deadline for the special offer, repeating what they could lose and what they can gain by taking you up on your incredibly special offer!