Here at Creative Content we always feel you should speak to your audience and not at them; we have been to many networking events where we have been talked at and sold at and we are not sure there is a bigger turn off than that!

So when it comes to website content this is the perfect chance to talk to your audience and engage with your audience; instead of talking at them and making them run straight into the arms of your competition who are talking to them in their website content pages.

A great way to write your website content is to explain the features, but also the benefits. Tell the reader how your product or service can do something, but also explain how this is of benefit to the reader and the customer for different reasons.

Avoid trying to look cool and trendy with a new fancy font because this can be harder for the reader to skim and could put them off. Instead stick to standard fonts the reader will be used to seeing and this will make it easier for them to read your content and engage with your business and brand.

While it can be very easy for us all to get on our soapboxes and shout about our opinions and why we are better than something else, it is important that you put facts over opinion. Ignore the temptation of exaggerating the statistics and facts but do not be afraid of injecting some of your own personality through your brand voice too; passion is good.

Most importantly, when you are creating website content make sure you write for your audience; your target audience may not know as much about your product or service or the industry as you do so make sure you write in a language they understand using words that will not baffle or confuse them.

If you need help writing website content for your business then just drop us a line; we’d be happy to offer any advice and guidance or take away the stress and write your business website content for you.