You don’t need us to tell you that more people are online than ever now. Not only do more people have smart phones, laptops and tablets at home to get them online, there is more online for them too. Lockdown part 2 will lead to more people online. It’s the main way that can stay in contact with friends. But also the only way they can get some early Christmas shopping in too.

The enforced time alone has given a lot of people more opportunities to search on Google for their desired products and services. But how are you making the most of this? Are you there at the end of their searches?

As we went through the last lockdown lots of businesses started to devote their marketing budget to improve their online presence. This is what you should be doing too. Use lockdown to improve your online presence.

Things like blog posts and new pages of SEO content on your website will not get you sales over night. However, they will work slowly to boost your website on search engines like Google. By using lockdown to improve your online presence you will be making changes that will help you as we come out the other end.

Take the time to think about the products and services that will be of interest to your audience now. Luxury items may not be at the top of peoples shopping lists, so look at more affordable options. The government restrictions state that you can only shop for essentials. If your business makes and sells these non-essential items – then get sharing them online now. Post them on social media. Make sure you have blogs and landing pages about them too.

The biggest benefit that digital marketing has over other forms of marketing is that it doesn’t require any face to face interaction. It is also one of the easiest types of marketing to measure. You can easily see what is happening online, who is engaging with your social media posts and where the traffic to your website comes from.

Use lockdown to improve your online presence. It will help you in the short term. But it will be amazing for you when you come out the other end too! Future you will thank you for using lockdown to improve your online presence.