In earlier blog posts and on our social media platforms we have been recommending that you all try out Periscope for your business and to build up the ‘trusted friend’ relationship with clients across your country and the rest of the world.

There are 4 icons on the main page of the app, a TV screen which will be a blank page when you start. It will show you current and recent videos (in the last 24hrs) of people you are following. As you watch periscopes you can quickly tap to follow them and you’ll get a notification (if you want) each time they broadcast.

The second icon is a globe and on this page you will see a map of the world with red circles and numbers on, when you click on these numbers in the red circles you will see the titles of the broadcasts. Using two fingers, as you would with a photo, you can zoom in and out to these areas – which you may choose to do in the UK as it’s such a small area.

At the top of this page you will also a tab that allows you to change the lay out to list. This allows you to quickly skim through the most popular periscope broadcasts that are currently live – you’ll often see a lot of periscope broadcasts giving tips to periscope newbies so look out for those to pick up new tips and tricks to help you out.

The third tab is a grey square with a grey circle and a red dot, this is where you click to broadcast – a scary button to press at first but this button will soon become your best friend. When you first click on this tab it will ask you to set your location, set up your camera and set up your microphone. As soon as that is set up you’re ready to go – but don’t worry, it doesn’t start broadcasting until you’re ready.

The fourth tab is 3 little heads with the top parts of their bodies; this is the ‘People’ page. It will list the people you follow on Twitter that are also on Periscope, it will show you who the most loved broadcasters are (as you scroll down) and there is the search facility so you can search for people.

Similar to Twitter, you can update your bio and people can search for your skills or knowledge areas. You can update your profile on Periscope by clicking on the face in the top right corner. Just pop in who you are, what you do and what you will be broadcasting about.

Please note this is as per the iPhone5 on 19th August 2015 at 3.28pm, updates may have taken place since this time.

twitter success by kfc

We all know that KFC do incredible chicken and while it may not be terribly good for you, it’s hard to disagree that it really is very yummy! KFC are amazing at what they do, they make great fried chicken but they are also pretty good at social media management, Twitter and marketing.

KFC has been much publicised on social media and in the press recently due to an excellent social media management technique that has definitely impressed and inspired; while it will only have taken them a few moments to set up, it has certainly done wonders for their publicity!

KFC are following 11 people; some are singers, one is a Green Bay packer, one is a MMA Referee and one is a staff writer for Deseret News – what is so special about these people that Twitter chose them to be in the elite 11 people that they follow?

Let’s look at who the 11 people are and see if this gives you any clues;

  1. Geri Halliwell
  2. Mel B
  3. Emma Bunton
  4. Mel C
  5. Victoria Beckham
  6. Herb Shribner
  7. Herb J Wesson Jr
  8. Herb Waters
  9. Herb Dean
  10. Herb Sendek
  11. Herb Alpert

So five singers and six herbs is what KFC are following?

A unique mix of singers and herbs?

Or should that be a unique mix of 11 herbs and spices which are the secret recipe that claims to make KFC so great! That’s right, the 5 singers they follow are the spice girls, which makes 5 spices and 6 herbs and it’s certainly a pretty unique mix of herbs and spices.

Like we said, this probably took a matter of minutes to implement but the media and social media worlds have gone crazy over it and KFC have gained much publicity.

When it comes to social media management for your business – once you’ve got the right idea, everything else just falls into place.