We have great news – the Twitter character limit of 140 characters per message has been lifted! This is great news as it means you can say more, get more across, really explain your thoughts or opinions and share a conversation with friends…

However, it has only been lifted on Twitter Direct Messages – Direct Messages (DMs) are the ‘private message’ of Facebook but on Twitter. This is where you can send a message privately to someone else on Twitter. Some peoples settings allow anyone to send them a direct message while others only allow those they are connected to (they follow the person and the person follows them) to send them a DM on Twitter.

This does make things easier as you don’t have to stop midsentence, every 140 characters to write the rest of the message, but it has made no difference to the length of Tweets on Twitter as a whole.

As of July 2015, the direct message character limit will go up to 10,000 characters from 140 which the media are now claiming puts them up against Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp as a way to communicate with friends, family and other contacts.

It is said that the change has come into play as Twitter struggles to grow its user base and profits and therefore the Chief Executive and his team are looking at new, exciting and different ways in which they can get people to use Twitter regularly.

Do you think the change of the character limit of direct messages on Twitter will make any difference to you? Will it make you use Twitter more, or if you are not currently using Twitter will it encourage you to do so?

If you do want to give Twitter a go but you’re not sure where to start then give us a call, we can offer one-on-one or team Twitter training or even Twitter courses is you are happy to travel to our training centre in Peterborough?