If you have ever wondered why your blog posts are not getting enough traffic, or why your website content is not being read it may be because your website content and blog posts need working on and they may need a little bit of extra help.

Here are the top tell tale signs that you website content and blog posts need a little help;

No Raving Fans

If you don’t have any emails from visitors to your website, comments on your blog post or even people telling you face to face that they have read your blog post or website content and it has changed their lives or they have never looked back since seeing your blog post then you may be doing it wrong. Of course, in some industries will not ‘change lives’ but when you meet people networking they will mention they’ve seen your blog or people will comment saying they have shared your blog post or bookmarked it. If you don’t get that sort of feedback then your website content and blog posts will need help.


If you find yourself just copying others instead of developing your own ideas or using more successful bloggers as influencers to get your creative juices flowing then you’re not doing it right and your blog posts and website content will need help. If you’re struggling to come up with your own ideas for blog posts then why not come to our Blog Brainstorming workshop which help you with some great ideas and tools you can use in the future for more blog post titles.

Results Watching

If you’re spending more time on Google Analytics looking at visitors to your website, where they have come from, where they go to, how long they spent on your website, what they did on your website, who has subscribed to your website, when they subscribed to your newsletter or blog posts, etc then you are doing it wrong. You need to spend more time creating amazing products and services and supporting blogs and website content, as well as running your business and completing sales. You should not be spending all your time watching results and charts.

Market Opportunity Hunter

If you spend all your content writing time looking for the next market opportunity and that is what your business is aimed towards then your website content, blog posts and business needs help. You need to be passionate and true to what you believe and not spending your time running after the next possible marketing opportunity. Instead focus on what you love and are passionate about within your own industry.

There is no silver bullet or special tablet that automatically makes your website content and blog posts perfect, but practice makes perfect so stick at it. Try and develop your own voice and keep working at it.