We have spent a long time pondering this very fact – do we want to be public with the prices on our website or would we rather have them hidden so people can contact us directly… but what if people don’t want to contact us directly because they’re scared of the hard sell, or maybe our price is too low or high and it puts them off contacting us?

When it comes to putting prices on websites there are pros and cons for both options, personally here at Creative Content Company we have gone public with our prices. We are proud that we offer great value for money and we want potential clients to know this. We also don’t want to spend time with clients on the phone who can’t afford the prices we charge.

Of course the downside is that are prices are negotiable so if a visitor came to our website but couldn’t quite afford our services then this may put them off contacting us directly, which is a shame as we could create a package for them if they required one or more service.

At the other end, there may be a large company that has visited our website and found our prices too low. Of course this would be a shame to lose them, but that said our target audience is start up companies and small to medium businesses so it wouldn’t be a great deal if we missed out on this client.

We also make sure we list the services with the price as well as what it included, we want you to know what you get for your money and then if you want more or less than what we will do for that money we can negotiate the price accordingly. The prices on our website are not set in stone; they give you an idea of the price you can expect when you work with our content writers, social media trainers, newsletter creators and social media managers.

But what are your thoughts, is your pricing clear or is it not available on your website at all?