Social media plays a huge part in the marketing structure for a business but it can be hard to know how to use social media for your business. In this article we have put together a few tops tips to help you run your social media campaigns to help improve the social media marketing for your business.

Get It Planned – Have a think about the keywords for your business and sit down with your team or people you network with to come up with things that will interest your target audience. It can be hard to get the ‘creative juices’ flowing so stick at it and you’ll find it easier over time.

Remember: Content is King – Google is constantly telling us that content is king so make sure that what you share on social media platforms is content that your reader will find interesting and valuable. Make sure you mix your content up, post a mixture of images, videos, written content and infographics to keep your social media platforms looking worthwhile to visit.

Keep It The Same – Social media platforms are a great place for brand awareness, although each social media platform has its own look and feel make sure the message you are sending out on all platforms is the same. It is important that through using social media you still keep the core business identity the same.

Start Blogging – If you’re not blogging already you definitely need to start, a blog post is a fantastic social media marketing tool that can offer a large amount of information to your clients. You can share blog links on social media platforms encouraging extra traffic to your website and by popping some social media share buttons on the blog people can share the links with their friends and family too.

Share Links – Although you should primarily use social media for your news of your own business it’s a great idea to share links to outside articles too especially if it is valuable information that you know your clients will enjoy. You may even get links back too!

Check Out The Competition – It’s always recommended that you keep an eye on what your competition are doing, not only can they give you some excellent keyword ideas but they can also give you inspiration when you’re stuck. We are not saying copy what they do, but do keep an eye on what they do and over time you will get ideas of how you can improve your social media campaigns.

Track Your Success – There’s no point throwing all the hours of the day into social media and then not checking how they work for you, it’s important you keep an eye on Google Analytics to see how much traffic you are getting from social media platforms and see which of these visits are spending longer on your site and if they are converting into sales.

Give us a call if you would like help planning your social media campaign, if you’d prefer we can run your social media campaign for you.