With a New Year upon us we are all setting new plans and coming up with different ideas for growing our business. Many of us will have ‘start blogging’ on their list of New Year’s resolutions, so we have put together some top tips that should keep you blogging through 2015.

Don’t rush into things, have a think about what you want to do with your blog and why you are doing it, thinking about some topics you are keen to cover and the audience you are trying to attract. Don’t rush into blogging, talking about everything and anything – instead create a plan of what you will be working on and blogging about.

Make sure you have set yourself realistic aims. The same as in real life, if we set ourselves a goal that is not achievable (like losing a stone in weight a week), we are gutted when we don’t achieve the goal and then we beat ourselves up or give up on it completely. Think about what your goals for the blog posts are and how you will achieve the goals.

Before you put the blog on the website and tell the world you have started blogging, actually sit down and write some blog posts. If you find that you hate writing and blogging really isn’t for you it’s a good thing to know before you put a blog on your website. This may be a time when you consider bringing in the skills of a blogger or outsourcing the blog posts to a creative writer?

Know your schedule; you know if you have busier times of the year when you don’t have 5 minutes to go for a wee, let alone a few hours spare to create your next blog post. These busier periods can be tackled in two different ways – write extra blog posts in advance and schedule them in on your website for when you get busier or speak to a content writer who can offer blog posts on an ad-hoc basis to make sure your blog posts continue to stay regular.

Have a look at our blog posts for further blogging tips or contact us directly if you would like some ideas for free on what you can blog about!