Newsletters are a really great way of keeping in touch with your customers and staying at the front of their minds without being that annoying person that’s constantly on the phone to them. You can use a newsletter to share news, link to relevant articles that may be of interest to the clients or photos of what you’ve been up to.

The first tip is to build up your newsletter contact list slowly; it’s all about quality and not quantity. Start by approaching the clients that love you, the customers that are your biggest fans are in constant contact with you.

Drop them an email and make sure they’re happy to be on your newsletter list and go from there, over time these fans will recommend your newsletter to their friends and contacts too. You can also stick a ‘subscribe to newsletter’ on to your website to grow your readers there too.

It’s really important that you resist the urge to sell sell, sell – people will get turned off by this and will either delete the newsletters each month without reading them or they will unsubscribe from your newsletters – severing the links and relationship you had with each other. Email marketing can help grow and improve relationships when it’s done correctly.

Use your subject line cleverly, make sure it engages and reels in the reader, if it says ‘Monthly Newsletter’ the reader may not be excited but if it is exciting and interesting the reader will be quickly heading for the ‘open’ button to read your newsletter. Try and draw the reader into the article, make it sound interesting.

Most importantly, be ready for a response! If you send out the email before you go off on holiday you may come home to find 20+ responses that you have now missed out on because it took you two weeks to come back to them. Imagine that every recipient will respond and make sure you can deal with their responses quickly and efficiently. If your content of the newsletter is good, then your phone will ring and your email inbox will fill up.

If you are keen to get newsletters started for your business, give us a call – we can create a newsletter template for you, create blog posts to link the newsletters to or even create the newsletter content for you.