We all know that social media is a great marketing tool for businesses. However, those business owners looking managing their own social media presence, know its hard work and understand it’s time consuming. This is why many business owners look to outsource social media marketing to the experts – to free up their time.

So, in this blog post we look at the top three reasons to outsource your social media marketing to the professionals.

  • Time

As we have already touched on, managing a social media account takes time. You need to come up with a social media content plan, post updates and engage with people that respond. This isn’t a 9am-5pm job. It also takes you away from focusing on the money making parts of your business.

  • Expertise

The reason you set up your business is because you had expertise in your industry. That’s the same reason Hazel set up Creative Content Company. She has expertise in social media marketing. By choosing to outsource your social media marketing you are gaining their expertise, while saving yours for the success of your business.

  • Cost

How long does it take you to plan, schedule and engage with social media? Now work out how much you can earn in your most profitable hour. If it takes you 5 hours a month to plan, schedule and engage on social media and you could earn £50 an hour – that’s a cost of £250 for social media. Our social media management services are between £50 and £100 a month! You will save money by outsourcing your social media marketing to us.

These are just three of the reasons that business owners choose to outsource the management of their social media. They are really important and valid reasons too.

If you’re finding that you’re spending too much time on your social media, it’s taking you away from the business or you’re really not sure if you’re doing it right – call us. We can manage your social media accounts for you, so you can focus on what you do best!