While there is lots of fun to be had with your marketing during the seasonal holidays, it can be hard to decide the best things to do. However, as always, we are here to help. Here are our top seasonal promotional ideas for small online businesses.

  • Be Open & Honest

How many times have you put things in your basket online, got to the till and found the shipping is too much so left? Your customers will be doing the same thing if shipping costs aren’t clear. Be open and honest about your shipping costs and how long deliveries will take. You could consider free shipping on orders over a set amount. This can encourage customers to spend a little bit more by ordering an extra item – knowing it will save them the shipping cost.

  • Add Some Seasonal Fun

Think about how you can add seasonal fun to your website and social media presence. This could be as simple as some glitter or snowflakes on your product photos, for example. Or, you could create a more festive logo for your business that can be seen on your website, social media and email footer. This could be turning ‘o’s in your logo into Christmas baubles or a Father Christmas hat on your logo. You can go as big or simple as you choose, but make sure you add a form of seasonal fun to your business.

  • Who To Shop For?

Remind your audience who they need to shop for. For example, teachers, in-laws, colleagues and more. Check the end of school dates, when businesses are finishing for Christmas or how many days until the last weekend before Christmas. Use these dates as countdown dates and share with ideas. For example, most businesses are closing for Christmas on 18th December. If you’re still not sure what to get your colleagues, check out these ideas.

  • Gift Cards

Due to the tier system and lockdown rules, many people will not be able to visit friends or family this seasonal period. Instead they will be looking for gifts that they can send. Gift vouchers are perfect for this. Advertise the different styles of gift vouchers you can provide for them to purchase. You could also offer to send them direct to the recipient if the customer would like.

  • Your Gift Guide

Nobody knows your gifts better than you, so create your own gift guide. This could be like an online magazine full of all your gift ideas and who they would be perfect for. You can then include local businesses that offer similar Christmas gifts that are non-competing. You can share this magazine with your audience. The other businesses featuring in the magazine will do the same. This will open your business to a new audience.

Need more seasonal promotional ideas for small online businesses? We have a series of seasonal marketing blogs that might help you.