Here at Creative Content Company we offer content writing as a service. We also offer blogging workshops and training. Our goal is to help businesses achieve more online. We really do want to help business owners. This blog post is an example of this. Below we share our top content writing tips for business owners.

  • When writing website content start with your reader. The person reading your content will be deciding whether they purchase a product or service from you. Your website content needs to show them that you are the company they want to purchase from.
  • Think about your keywords. What do you want people to search on Google to find your business and website? Think about the words and terms your ideal customer uses when purchasing from you. Use these as your keywords and include them in the content you are writing.
  • Give the reader a reason to read beyond the first paragraph. A good way to start a blog post, for example, is to talk about what is included in the blog post. Maybe you give the reader top tips, ideas or answer a burning question?
  • Be careful with your length. While there is no point in writing for the sake of it, you also don’t want a page with just a few words of content. Ideally each page needs to have 300-500 words of content as a minimum. This is around three quarters of an a4 page, to give you a rough idea.
  • Break up the text on your website pages with subheadings, bullet points, numbers or pictures. A block of text can be quite off putting to a reader. However, when it’s broken up it looks much more attractive visually – even though it’s the same amount of content.
  • Don’t forget to include links to other pages within your website. This could be to a sales page where the reader can purchase what you are talking about. The link could also be to a page with more information. Alternatively, it could be another page the reader might find useful.

These are just a few of our top content writing tips for business owners. If you’d like some more tips, then why not book some content writing or blogging training with us?