The Content Marketing Institute completed in a survey in the last quarter of 2018, called the Content Management and Strategy Survey. They asked respondents that use content marketing, what their top content management challenges are. Each respondent was allowed to choose up to 3 content management challenges as responses.

The top 6 biggest content management challenges for businesses using content marketing, based on this survey, are as follows;

  • 61% of businesses feel that there is not enough skilled staff in content strategy to be able to help with their content marketing needs.
  • 47% of businesses felt the biggest challenge of content management was a content production workflow. It was all or nothing and happened in fits and spurts.
  • 44% of businesses felt that a lack of budget for these services was their biggest content management challenge.
  • 38% of businesses found that implementing the right technology was the biggest content management challenge for them.
  • 34% of businesses felt that using UC to improve the overall experience a customer has with their organisation was the biggest challenge for them.
  • Finally 33% of businesses found their biggest content marketing challenge to be the digital execution across marketing teams in all business units.

While this survey involved respondents of much larger businesses that we traditionally work with, the smaller and start-up businesses that we work with often share the same concerns and have the same challenges when it comes to content marketing.

Often small businesses will not have a skilled person in their team that can focus on content management, so why not consider outsourcing it to a content writing company like the team here at Creative Content Company.

From just £25 per blog post, or a lower price for bulk-buy orders, we can do your content management for you, controlling the work flow, keeping to your budget and making sure it is digitally executed to perfection by using our social media management services or booking in for some social media training.