If you’ve been putting off social media or you gave it a go but it’s kind of plodding along slowly now is the time to up the anti and really attack social media – here are ten ways in which you can give your social media presence the kick up the bum it may need;

* Chose the best social media platforms for you, don’t use them all with a scattergun approach, instead choose the best 1, 2 or 3 platforms for your business or industry and use them well.

* Check all your social media portfolios and bios are up to date. So many companies set them up when they first started up and they may have moved offices, changed numbers or got a new website since then. Check that yours are up to date and that you’ve included relevant keywords too.

* Set up Hootsuite (or other social media schedules applications) to manage your social media accounts. Set up your updates, statuses and posts for the month ahead, including events you’re going to, links to blog posts and similar. It’s great to use a scheduling platform to upload posts in advance but make sure you still engage – nobody wants to talk to a robot.

* Check that you have links from your website to social media platforms and double check the links work. If you’re not regularly using social media then don’t have links from your website to them.

* Go through your connections on LinkedIn and make sure they’re all relevant. When most of us started on LinkedIn we said yes to any and every connection whether we knew them or not. Go back through your connections and make sure you have the right connections to support your business.

* Look for the movers and shakers in your industry on Twitter and follow them, start a conversation with them and over time share relevant information and blog posts with them. If they RT something you post all of their followers will see it and they’re already your potential customers.

* Newsletters work – use websites like MailChimp to send newsletters out, you can even schedule them to be sent out on a certain date even if you’re not in the office that day. You can then encourage people to join your newsletter through social media platforms. Don’t use the newsletter as just as sales pitch, share industry news and useful information.

* Go through your connections on LinkedIn, check for those that have worked with you before and ask them for reviews and testimonials. This will make your LinkedIn page more active and you can use those reviews on your website or share links to it on other social media platforms.

* Get Blogging – blogs are an excellent way of sharing top tips and helpful information that doesn’t fit into posts and statuses on social media platforms. You can then share these links on social media platforms and look for people asking questions that your blog posts answer. Ideally you want 1-2 300+ word blog posts uploaded to your website each week.

* Have a look at the websites of your old and existing clients; follow them on your preferred social media platforms. This will be another way of staying at the forefront of their minds making them more likely to choose you before considering competitors for the products or services you offer.

If you are looking to Kick Start your New Year then why not contact Richard ([email protected]) and book onto his course, presented with Hazel Cottrell of Creative Content Company. Alternatively, if you would like to know more about social media management or social media training please feel free to contact us directly.