Which women leaders do you look up to and admire? Maybe social media influencers, the people that do incredible things for others, mothers of disabled children, women that overcome illness and go on to achieve amazing things? Or me?

Yes, I too am surprised to have put ‘me’ in this category. But as per an email, that accidentally went to my spam (what was my email service thinking???) I am one of the top 10 most admired women leaders 2022 in the world! Not just the UK, the world!!!

According to Devin of Era Women Leaders Magazine (yep, I’ve not heard of him or the magazine either), I am an admired woman leader that is brilliant at managing the overall operations of my company. I’m great at delegating and directing agents. Devin reports that I can also drive profitability and create excellent structural strategy. On top of all this, I can apparently communicate with the board and the rest of my team.

Speaking of which – has anyone seen said board for me to communicate with? Apparently, Devin knows who they are. Sadly, I don’t!

After a careful selection process and criteria, I have been chosen as a top 10 most admired woman leader 2022. My leadership is to be admired and little old me has been chosen out of C-Level executives and top-decision makers globally.

Apparently, I have a powerful presence at work in achieving strategic outcomes. This will be featured in an article in the Era Women Leaders Magazine. However, I have to pay $1,500 for this. It’s classed as a nominal sponsorship fee.

Of course, I feel so honoured and special to be chosen as a top 10 most admired woman leader 2022. Or perhaps I should feel offended as I have been selected as a ‘mug’?

Here at the Creative Content Company, we have been lucky enough to win many REAL business awards over the years. These have not been paid for and we have gone through judges’ interviews and company research. Winning a business award is great for trust for your business. However, only if they are REAL awards.

Take your time to check if the award you have been selected for. Chances are if they ask for money, it’s a fake or scam award.