When it comes to newsletter content, it needs to be short and snappy. The reader will not want scroll down and down through a newsletter and it is also important to remember most of us will open emails on our mobile phones so the scrolling down on a mobile phone will take even longer.

In this article we have put together some top tips for writing an e-newsletter;

* Firstly you need to write a powerful headline for your newsletter, to do this try our different verbs and see which verbs and title captures your attention.

* Remember to not just focus on your company, but focus on your industry to avoid your e-newsletter content being too salesy and ‘me me me’

* Use the newsletter to focus on what your business has to offer, but also include how this will add value to the customer. It’s all well and good knowing what you do and have for sale, but the reader wants to know what is in it for them.

* It’s okay to step outside the box and be a little brave and creative, don’t go with the norm and instead opt for a different title not just ‘newsletter’.

* When writing your content for your e-newsletter think about the message you want to give your customer. Talk about what you do and how it can solve their problem. Give examples of clients you have solved similar problems for.

* You need to include at least one ‘call to action’ in your newsletter, but make sure the call to action is interesting and obvious, something the reader cannot miss.

If you need help with writing your newsletter content or you are struggling with the newsletter design then give us a call, we can create your newsletter template for you or complete the newsletter content to help you see what is needed, enabling you to write the content for the newsletter next time.