In this article we give you just some top tips on how you can blog successfully, it’s a question we are often asked and as much as some businesses choose to pass on their blogging on to us to do it for them, we like to help those clients that want to give it a go themselves;

The first thing you need to do is set up an account with a recommended or well established blogging platform. Our site is created in WordPress, Hazel has been using it for years and finds it to be the simplest to use and amend. WordPress consistently gets really positive reviews across all levels of use and experience. If you have your own website you will often find that WordPress can stick a blog on for you (via a plug in).

When it comes to blog writing it’s great if you keep the topics of your blog posts to a specific industry or to the requirements of your target audience. For example on our blog we mainly give social media and blogging advice, but we also touch on networking and similar areas that still help our clients – small/medium businesses.

Have a think about your keywords, if you are a wedding planner you may have keywords like wedding planner, organising weddings, organise my wedding, planning my wedding, wedding organiser. You then need to try and use 2-3 of these keywords in every article you write. This will help your blog be found on search engines, like Google, when people type that keyword in the search bar. You can also use these words in the title of the blog post and in the tags too.

It’s really important to write often, ideally once or twice a week as a minimum. This shows search engines like Google that you are not a dead link or an inactive site. If you constantly update your blog with high quality and unique blog posts your website will naturally rank higher on search engines.

It’s a really good idea to put links into your blog posts, this not only helps your reader with more details if they require them, but it also shows search engines you are willing to help others. Taking our wedding planner example, you may do a blog on different chocolate fountains available on the market and then put links out to the suppliers of the chocolate fountains you mention. Internal links can be really beneficial to search engine rankings too, for example linking keywords to a static page on your site that goes into that topic in more depth. It could even be an internal link that goes to your contact page if you write something in your blog like ‘contact me for more details’.

Be shameless and promote your blog anywhere and everywhere you can, after all the blog is to help your site on search engines but it is also there to help customers. If you see someone ask a question on a forum that you have answered in a blog then send them the link to the blog post. Pop a link to your blog on your emails, business cards and social media pages too.

If you would like more details on blogging then drop us a line, we are always happy to help!