It may feel naughty, you may find yourself hiding behind a newspaper or sneaking around so nobody spots you, but actually taking time out from your business is a good thing. Time Out is Good – it gives you time to look at your business from the outside, it gives you a change of scenery and it shows you a different outlook.

Here at Creative Content Company we will take at least one day out a month, often this will be to Bewiched in Peterborough with a notepad, pen and our loyalty card for some more points or a free coffee (more likely delicious mocha with cream and marshmallows). This time will then be used to look at the business.

We will take this time to look at the business from the outside, consider how far we have come, how far we wanted to have come and how far we now want to move forward. Then we consider different ways of moving forward.

As you may have heard before, we have a pink notebook and on the front of the notebook it says the following “Better an ‘Oops’ Than A ‘What If?’ “ – this is the book we write marketing ideas in, the book where we write topics and titles for blog posts (it’s actually where this blog post title came from) and its where we write down some sillier ideas that might actually just work.

When you’re in the office you feel you should be working hard, you should be doing work or calling a client or keeping the admin up to date, but when you step outside the office you can’t do any of that, allowing you to use the time out wisely.

Here at Creative Content Company we have quieter times of the year, we could sit in the office and worry about them, or we can leave the stress of the office behind us and come up with ideas to overcome these quieter periods. That’s exactly what we do and it works, plus if we have another quiet day on the return to the office we have a book full of things we can do to keep us busy.

Don’t beat yourself up about having time out, time out is good.