Search engines are like mini computers and robots. They are an automated system. A search engine is unable to instantly locate the ‘About Page’ on a website and decide if the company can be trusted or not. They are very intelligent systems and use higher level elements to see if they think a website and business can be trusted. It is important that you have what the bots are looking for to have a successful about page.

These include things like keywords that are used in the content. The bots will also look at how many times the keywords are used. They will look at any backlinks and internal links from and to the about page too. All of these things will be taken in by the bots to decide if you can be trusted. If the bots think you can be trusted, you will feature higher on search engines when users need a service or product like yours.

Well written content will lead to a successful about page. However, the bots don’t just read the content on the page. They will be looking for other things too. These things will reassure them that you’re a real business and you can be trusted, therefore safe for their users.

Below, we have listed just three tips for a successful about page.

  • Well Written

As we have already stated, the content on the about us page needs to be well written. The better the content is written the more likely visitors will stay on the page to find out more. They may keep coming back to the page too. These things will help the bots see that you are trusted site and useful to their audience.

  • Webmaster Links

Good webmasters will look at the content on your about page before linking any of their content to it or your website. Again, this will show the bots that you have good quality content. More webmasters trusting your website will attract more backlinks. In turn, this will lead to more backlinks to your website. This will indirectly help boost your SEO which will improve the SEO ranking of your website and business.

  • Structured Data

While the bots may not be able to read and understand the plain text on your website, there will be things that they look out for on your about page. This will include things like a contact point, address and contact number. While this information will help the bot, it will also help your audience contact you with ease and trust you.

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