What does social media mean for your business? Perhaps, more importantly, what does social media mean for your potential customers. Those that are on Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn right now looking for businesses like yours? What would your target audience think of your online presence on social media? If you’re not sure, then this is a must-read blog post for you. We share three social media tips for a great customer journey.

The reason we are sharing three social media tips for a great customer journey is because when you consider your customer journey, you need to think about the effect of your social media posts. Which social media platforms are you using? What are you saying on them and what sort of things are you sharing? How frequently are you posting on these social media platforms?

So, let’s look at our three social media tips for a great customer journey. These will help your target audience on their customer journey for your business.

  • Integrate Social Media Feeds

Speak to your website designer about integrating one of your social media feeds directly into your website. We have our Twitter feed integrated. The benefit of this is that it shows your target audience your recent posts. It also shows them that you are active online. In turn, this will help create trust with visitors to your website. It will also establish you as a trading business.

  • Blog Posts On Social Media

Blog posts are great. They engage with and educate your audience, while promoting your business and what you offer. However, when they are shared on social media you can gain more visitors to your website. Instead of sharing the whole blog post, just share the title or an interesting snippet. Give the social media user enough interest to want to click the link. This will then encourage the visitor to read the whole blog post. In turn, your website traffic will be increased, and you’ll notice a boost in engagement too.

  • Be Personal, Be You

We have said it million times and I am sure we will say it many more times too. The key to social media is in the name itself. You need to be social. By being personal and social within your social media posts you will help customers see the person or people behind the business. This can be achieved by talking about what you are up to, events you are attending, photos in the office, personal opinions on latest news and more.

These are our three social media tips for a great customer journey. If you need help with managing your social media or creating posts for social media, speak to our team. We are social media marketers in Peterborough here to help your business achieve more online.