Millions of people are using social media everyday to stay in touch with friends, to catch up on the latest news, to share photos of what they’ve been doing, chatting with colleagues and more. These are some of the reasons why social media is important to users, like you and I. However, in this blog post we would like to look at the reasons social media is important to B2B companies.

We came across these three reasons social media is important to B2B companies and we have shared them below for you.

  • 64% of Business To Business (B2B) companies stated that they rate social media as the second most factor in search. This comes second to strong website content promoting their business.
  • One third of global Business to Business (B2B) buyers use social media. They use it to find and engage with their vendors. On top of this, another 75% of global Business to Business (B2B) buyers expect to use social media, in this way, in the upcoming years.
  • 77% of buyers say that they would like to buy from a company who’s CEO uses social media. Again, this confirms why it is so important to be real, you and personal on the social media posts representing or promoting your business.

These are just some reasons that social media is so important to B2B busienss owners. However, there are may more reasons. Too many to list if we are honest!

Here at Creative Content Company we are a B2B company. We look after posting on and management of social media pages for B2C and B2B clients. If we didn’t think social media marketing worked, we wouldn’t be offering it as a service and we certainly wouldn’t be wasting time on doing it ourselves.

Social media is important to B2B companies because it works. If it didn’t, B2B businesses wouldn’t be using it.

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