When you log into LinkedIn you get a little pop up that says, “what do you want to talk about?”. This leaves a lot of business owners stumped. What do I want to talk about? Erm… the weather? Maybe the economy? What have I had for lunch today? If you are looking for ideas for LinkedIn posts then this blog post is for you. Below we share just 3 ideas of LinkedIn posts for you.

  • Behind The Scenes

Why not share the behind-the-scenes stuff? Maybe it could be a team lunch or a client meeting. Share a photo of the office, how you take your tea or the view from the window for example. These are all things that make you and your business more real. In turn, it helps create that relationship with your target audience. This is what can lead to sales for your business.

  • Industry Insights

You are an expert at what you do, so share your expertise. It could be tips and tricks of how to use services and products that are relevant to your industry. How to guides or links to how to guides on your website are a great idea too. These LinkedIn post ideas will help to portray you as someone that knows what you are talking about. Get the tone right and your audience will see you as that ‘helpful friend’ figure too.

  • Business Updates

Why not share what you have been up to in business. Talk about network events you’ve attended, money you have saved for clients or mazing results you have achieved. Make sure you don’t come across as bragging and your audience will be happy to celebrate with you. You could also share updates about yourself too, as people buy from people. Hazel’s LinkedIn is currently showing the updates of her Couch 2 5k training for the Great Eastern Run and Alzheimers Society.

These are just some of the basic LinkedIn post ideas that you are welcome to use yourself in your business. If you would like more post ideas for your LinkedIn profile, why not book a social media training session with our team? Alternatively, we can manage your social media presence for you. We can post on your LinkedIn profile for you, sharing posts like the ideas above and other great topics too.