When you’re a small business you don’t need a huge office for all your employees to work in various parts of your business. Instead you can outsource. Outsourcing is a great way of getting the skills and talent you need, without employing someone on a full-time basis which can be a huge expense for a small business. Instead you can outsource by hiring a social media manager. From their office, they can look after your social media presence.

In this blog post we have put together three of the main considerations when it comes to hiring a social media manager. These are hours, investment and control.

  1. Hours

Think about how many hours you are spending creating social media content each day. How long do you spend planning your social media? Are you spending hours posting the content you have created? How many hours are you spending engaging on social media each week too?

Once you know how many hours you are spending on social media for your business, work out the cost. How much can you earn per hour? This is how much you are spending by doing your own social media. Then check out the cost of hiring a social media manager and see which works out cheaper for you. Remember, you are gaining their skills and experience too!

  • Investment

Social media managers will charge a set rate. Some will charge different rates based on the industry. Others will charge their time by the hour. Here at Creative Content Company we have a set price for our social media management. It’s just £50 a month for 3 posts a week and the price goes up from there.

Make sure you take the time to speak to the social media company. Find out how much they will be charging and if this will go up. It’s worth checking if you’ll be tied into a contract too. We don’t like our clients to be tied into contracts. Instead we want our clients to stay with us because they want to. That’s why it’s a 1 month rolling contract. We just ask for 2 weeks notice before the end of the month to leave.

  • Control

Think about how much control you want over your social media posts. Perhaps you love the way you post on LinkedIn and the relationships you have made. That’s fine; you can keep posting on that platform. You can then outsource the other social media platforms to a social media company. Keep the parts of social media you enjoy and outsource the rest.

When you use our team for your social media posting, you still have full control and access to your accounts. We post on the accounts at the chosen amount of times. You can then create extra content to share yourself, as and when. The social media account belongs to you, we are just admin on your pages.

Want to know more about hiring us as your social media manager? Call our team now or book a meeting.