Here at Creative Content Company, coming up with blog post ideas, topics and titles is something we do very well. Some clients come to us with ideas that they want blog posts written for. Other clients want to write their own blog posts but don’t have any ideas of what to write about. We also have clients that just want to outsource all their blogging needs to us. This means us, coming up with the ideas and writing the content. We are happy to do all of these things.

In this blog post we have put together some blog post ideas for hotels. If you are a hotel manager or run a hotel, these blog post ideas are for you. These blog post ideas for hotels are completely free for you to use. Alternatively, you can contact our blog writers in Peterborough to write the blogs for you.

So, please see below for our blog post ideas for hotels.

  • Local Events

People will come and stay at your hotel when local events are taking place. Share these events around 6 months in advance and talk about them in a blog post. If it’s an annual event, then share news after the event and promote it for the year ahead. The event company will be grateful. You may find that they even return the favour by sharing details of your hotel. They could even share your blog on their social media and with their audience.

  • Things To Do In

Each season create a blog post of things to do in the local area of your hotel. This could include winter activities such as pantomimes, for example. Your ‘things to do in summer in (area)’ could include local green areas and outdoor activities for example. On top of this you could have blog posts for things to do at Easter, Valentines, Christmas and so on. These will all give people great reasons to stay at your hotel.

  • Happy Guests

Why not share testimonials of happy guests that have stayed at your hotel. If you have been left a thank-you card, then you can share the words of this in a blog post too. It just shows what ‘real people’ think of your hotel. This will boost trust amongst potential visitors. You could also create case studies of events that take place at your hotel too. Talk about what the guest needed, what you offered and end with their testimonial.

Need any more blog post ideas for your hotel? Give our blog brainstormers a call. We will be only too happy to help.