For those of you that know me, will know I love comedy! On average, I attend at least 1 comedy night a month, often more. I love a laugh as a way to let off steam and just enjoy myself.

Recently I came across a networking event in Peterborough by NatWest that definitely tickled my fancy. It is presented by NatWest and Funny Women. The networking event is called HERlarious – Stop selling Yourself Short.
This event appealed to me for a few reasons.

Firstly it is comedy – big tick from me! Secondly it is a networking event, which is great as I am always keen to network in new places and meet new people. Finally, it is about selling yourself short. This is a trap I often fall into. Not as much as I used to in fairness, but something  that can happen to me every now and again.

The event shares stats from a Review of Female Entrepreneurship. It claims that only 39% of females are confident in their capabilities to start a  business. However, this is compared to 55% of males that have the confidence in their capabilities to run their own business.

At this event attendees will learn how to express their ideas more confidently using tricks of the comedy trade. We will also learn about bringing your ideas to life, knowing your story and it’s worth, as well as how to present and perform it. On top of this we will learn how to attract the ‘ideal client’ with humour.

Some of these areas may be something that I know already as I have been in business for 5.5 years. However I am always willing to learn new skills. Very often at events I find that I am reminded of simple techniques that I have learnt before, forgotten about or just not used. I feel this networking event will be extremely useful to me and am really looking forward to a few giggles and de-stressing too!

At the time of uploading this blog post, there were still tickets available for this event. If you would like to book a ticket then click here. It would be great to see you or meet you at the event.