When writing blog posts for your business website it is essential that you remember four very important things, you need to remember to make your business blog posts linkable, scanable, sociable and searchable and in this article we will show you how, because these are four very important practices of business blogging which will help you succeed in achieving more for your business online.

Linkable Business Blogs

To make sure that your blog posts help with the ranking of your website on search engines you need to include links ion your articles, these links can be internal links to other pages on your website or other blog posts, or they can be external links that react with similar industry blogs or show where you have done your research for the blog post.

Scanable Business Blogs

By scanable we mean that people have a few seconds to decide if they want to read your blog post or not, if they can quickly skim or scan through your blog post then they will stay, if not you will have to work harder to make them stay on your website and read the blog post. Try to use headers, break up long paragraphs of text and make the content visually engaging.

Sociable Business Blogs

People read blogs instead of articles because they want them to be engaging, the style of a blog is more engaging and friendly as a rule, which results in a sociable blog. To ensure you create sociable business blogs make sure you reply to people that comment on your blog posts, ask questions and engage readers in a conversation, make readers feel part of your community and give the option to share on social media platforms where more conversations can start.

Searchable Business Blogs

Using keywords that you want your business to be found for, in your business blog posts will help you create a searchable business blog, also post your blog posts on your social media platforms to get them out to more people within your target audience. There is no point being online if no-one knows you are there so be active in being easy to find.