Welcome back for Part Two of things that you can share on social media in September; there were so many great national days that can be used to increase engagement on social media and help build those online relationships that there was just no way we could cram it into just one blog post – so this is part two!

13th September is International Chocolate Day which is a great excuse for a like and share competition where you give away a chocolate hamper. Or you could use this day to engage with your audience by asking what their favourite chocolate bar is. Bear this in mind and maybe send them that chocolate bar in the future?

The 13th September is also Roald Dahl Day so why not ask your audience who their favourite Roald Dahl character is, or their favourite book. It’s a great way to build the online relationship.

Hug Your Boss Day falls on 14th September; why not take a team photo of all the team hugging the boss? It’s different, unique and helps show the kind of business you are.

If you’re ever dreamed of living on the sea then you’ll love Talk Like A Pirate Day on 19th September; this is a really popular day on social media, so get your thinking caps on and think how you can ‘tweet’ like a pirate for the day.

25th September is National One Hit Wonder Day – another chance to engage with your audience and build that relationship. Ask them their favourite One Hit Wonders.

World Tourism Day is 27th September. It offers a great chance to promote the local area to where your business is based. Why not share some great things to do in your local area, or share links to local attractions and places for tourists to visit that are near your office?

28th September is National Good Neighbour Day so why not pop in and see your local businesses? You could pop round with some cakes or even some branded pens. Then share photos of this on social media and tag the neighbouring business on social media too.

Pop back next month to see some ideas of things to share on social media in October – and don’t forget to use those national day names as the hashtags so you can engage with other businesses on social media that are talking about those days too!