We are back for our next edition of things to post for the month ahead to help you with social media management. The best thing you can do with these ideas is to create a social media scheduling tool, such as a Hootsuite account. Then create status updates, tweets and posts to schedule in to your social media pages and go live on set days.

Remember, everyone and anyone can use these and they will still not be the same, because you need to use these national days and months to match the voice and tone of your business, to relate to your business and industry and to engage with your audience.

Let’s go;

November is Movember – if you have men in your team that are doing Movember then share photos of the facial hair throughout the month, ask your audience for their photos too. As a woman why not organise an event like a coffee morning? Then everyone wears stick-on moustaches and pays for the privilege of doing so?

November is National Entrepreneurship Month – why not tell your story of being an entrepreneur in a blog post and then share snippets of your story throughout the month with a link back to the blog on your website? It tells people more about you and your business, and makes you more relatable.

November is National Inspirational Role Models – why not create posts throughout the month on your social media that talk about your inspirational role models. Explain why you have chosen them and tag them into the post too. Encourage your team and audience to do the same too.

3rd November is Sandwich Day – a great and easy way to engage with your audience. Ask them what their favourite sandwich filling is, and share your own too. Maybe create a poll of the most popular sandwiches to see what your audience like. Take note of these so if these people ever come to your office you could give them their favourite sandwich for a lunchtime meeting.

Play Monopoly Day is 5th November – why not organise a charity monopoly playing game, or have a competition with a local business and share the updates on social media. You could also engage with your social media audience by asking their top Monopoly techniques?

Come back soon for ideas you can post on your social media for the rest of the month.

Don’t forget to use the names as hashtags!