Sometimes business owners can really struggle coming up with ideas of things to post on social media for business. It can be very easy to fall into the trap of just posting ‘business’ stuff and services. However, what your audience really want to know about is you. Who is the person behind your business? People buy people – use your social media to talk about your business, but also you!

So, these are some of the national days, weeks and months that we think are great things to post on social media in October. Some won’t be relevant to you; others will be really relevant and you’ll want to share more than one post about them. That’s fine too!

Remember, when using these things to post on social media in October, you need to use the hashtag. Use the name of the national day as the hashtag in your post on social media. This helps people see what you’re talking about. It also encourages others to engage with you through that hashtag too.

  • Pizza month – Share posts about your favourite pizza flavour. You could also start a friendly debate about pineapple on a pizza or not. Why not share a link to the restaurant that makes your favourite pizza too?
  • CD Player Day: 1 – Tell your audience which is your favourite CD, the one you can absolutely not live without.
  • Name Your Car Day: 2 – Many people name their cars. Why not share a photo of your car and tell your audience what it’s called?
  • Vodka Day: 4 – Tell everyone about your favourite vodka drink, flavour vodka or even preferred vodka cocktail.
  • World Teachers Day: 5 – Did you have a favourite schoolteacher? What was their name and why did you like them so much?
  • National Walk Your Dog Week: 1-7  – This is a great chance to show a photo of your dog on a walk. Maybe share details about your favourite dog walking location too. Ask for recommendations of other great dog walks.
  • National Work From Home Week: 4-10 – Why not share some top tips for working from home. Ask your audience how they are finding working from home too.
  • Drink Local Wine Week:  11-17 –  This is a really nice chance to promote a local business. Talk about your favourite wine or local wine shop.
  • National School Lunch Week: 12-16 – Share your favourite school lunch on social media and ask your audience for their favourite school meals too.
  • World Egg Day: 9 – Set up a poll and ask your audience how they like their eggs, share your favourite egg option too.
  • World Mental Health Day: 10 – This is a really important day and one you should definitely get involved in. Share your top tips for good mental health and maybe share a story too?
  • National Savings Day: 12 – Share your top tips for savings with your audience. Ask them to share theirs too.
  • National Bring Your Teddy Bear To Work & School Day: 14 – Pop a photo of your cuddly toy in the office on social media. It’s something fun and nice too.
  • It’s Global Cat Day: 16, Black Cat Day: 27 and National Cat Day: 29 – if you have a cat then these days are the days the internet was made for. The joke goes that the internet was made for cats.
  • National Pasta Day: 17 – Talk about your favourite type of pasta and your favourite pasta dish too. Once again, ask your audience for theirs.
  • Halloween: 31 – use this day to wish your audience a Happy Halloween. Think of ways you can tie in ‘scary’ or ‘spooky’ into your business offering too. Check out our videos in the run up to Halloween to see what we mean!