Every month we share things that you can post on social media each month. These ideas will help you keep your social media presence active, but they will also help you increase engagement from your target audience.

We have shared the national days for December and shared different ways you can use these for posts on social media. We do this every month. Some months we have a lot more ideas than others, and this is usually dependant on the national days, weeks and months.

Here are our national days and ideas for this month;

4th December is National Cookie Day. Why not make some festive cookies and deliver them to your neighbours. Or you could give them out to people in the street or even the homeless. Make sure you take photos of what you are doing to share on social media.

4th December as well as National Cookie Day it is also National Sock Day. Why not encourage your team to wear that whacky or odd socks and share photos of them on social media. You could share a photo of the team and get your audience to guess who is wearing each sock?

8th December is Gingerbread Decorating Day. Pop down your local shop to buy the gingerbread, icing and decorations and then have a competition to make the best gingerbread. Then share the photos on social media and get your audience to vote on their favourite. Either the winning decorator or a voter chosen at random wins the gingerbread.

14th December is National Ugly Sweater Jumper, and also Save The Children Christmas Jumper Day. A great chance to get your whole team in their Christmas jumpers and stick a photos on social media making sure you tag Save The Children. Get your team to donate a £1 to wear a Christmas jumper too and you can donate to charity.

15th December is International Tea Day; surely a great day for tea lovers and an easy-win on social media? Share a photo of your cup of tea, the colour and how it is made. Then ask your audience to do the same? Will milk first or milk second win?

15th December as well as International Tea Day, it is National Cupcake Day. We can only presume this is because it is about now you are sick of mince pies? Why not make some festive cupcakes for the team or customers and share photos on social media?

16th December is Chocolate Covered Anything Day. Use this day to talk about your favourite things to cover in chocolate. Once again, ask your audience to create engagement and to build relationships. If for example a customer says chocolate covered raisins and you can get these from your local shop, why not send them to them as a Christmas present?

20th December is Free Shipping Day. Promote this across your website and social media on 20th December and shout it from the roof tops. This is a great way to squeeze a last few orders out of your target audience before Christmas.

Don’t forget to use the national days as a Hashtag as this makes sense of the post on social media, but it also helps you engage with other people talking about the same national day.

Pop back soon for some marketing ideas over the 12 days of Christmas, and what you can post on social media during the Christmas holidays.