Business is slow for us right now. We have had quite a few of our clients go on hold and pause the work we are doing for them. This is absolutely fine. We understand why they have chosen to do this and support them in their choice. Meanwhile, we have picked up some new clients with quick turnaround work. However it hasn’t been quite enough to keep us busy.

So, I thought I would be a list of things to catch up on when business is slow. I know I’m not alone on this one. These are the things that I have been catching up on while business is a little slower. This will help me be prepared for when the world returns to normal and I am busy again.

Our YouTube Channel

We have loads of videos we have paid to have created for the business and they have just sat on our computer, unseen by all. Now is a great time to upload these videos and schedule some going forward too. We are trying to upload a new video every week, just one a week. These are shared on our YouTube channel and then these upload straight to our website too.

Blog Writing

Here at Creative Content Company we upload one new blog post every other day. Having this time when business is slower enables us to schedule blog posts. While this works for some blogs, it won’t for others. Think about those evergreen blog post ideas that are just as relevant now as they will be in weeks or months to come. If something more time-relevant comes up in the meantime push the scheduled blog post back.

Business Card Drawer       

I am sure we have one, even if we are ashamed to admit to it. There is always a draw, a bow or bowl where business cards get put. They are put there in good faith that you will deal with them, just not right now. These are great things to catch up on when business is slow. For us this is putting them on MailChimp and adding them to our mailing list, as pre-approved by them.

Newsletter Scheduling

We are brilliant at creating newsletters for our clients. However, we are often lacking at this for Creative Content Company. Newsletters are great for us and always get us new business. That said; they are also the first ball we drop as business picks up. During the quiet time we are scheduling monthly newsletters to ensure that’s not a ball we drop again.

What are your things to catch up on when business is slow?