Creative Content Company is known for the rainbow logo in colours of green, blue and orange…but is the logo for Creative Content Company actually a rainbow and if not, why is it a rainbow now?

So, once the company name of Creative Content Company was decided upon a logo was needed – I was thinking of the three C’s of Creative Content Company made into the logo of the ripples into a pool showing the impact we made on hitting the water (or on the business market) – while struggling to explain this logo image to a friend over dinner I drew it on a napkin.

As I passed this napkin across the table to my friend I realised, as it turned, that it could very easily be a rainbow with the 3 C’s of Creative Content Company in size order above each other and this meant that it could be colourful too.

But why did the rainbow stick as our logo?

So after seeing the rainbow I decided that this was definitely the right logo for Creative Content Company. Anyone that knows me knows that I am happy and bubbly but I am always trying to find different ways to make others happy in pretty much everything I do whether this is personally in my own community, among friends and family or in the business community.

While the colours were chosen at random, with orange being my favourite (just look at our marketing materials and pens) the rainbow has always stayed and can be found on marketing materials, the website, mugs in the office and even my car – how many other people can say their car is the white one with the giant rainbow on?

And what does a rainbow do?

It’s like the colourful and bright future in the rain that brings a smile to your face and this is exactly what Creative Content Company do.

When you start a new business things are tough, we aim to be the rainbow in the future to bring a smile to your face!